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Hello everybody and welcome to my site, we are currently in the strangest days that I've seen in my young life. And I certainly mean to ride the tides of change right into our shared future.

Feel free to browse this site for the history and life of a native Washingtonian musician, known for an extensive performance and teaching career. There's content on my background and there will be a chance for you to download or stream the music that I've been putting out there these days.

My latest single is entitled "Urban Rain", a smooth guitar driven tune with a mood crying out the story of our times. Please come back for updates on my streaming events as well as live stream performance, or just leave a comment.

I'm meeting some new and exciting people now, and will be working closely with them. And you will also be hearing from some of your favorite voices from my first album "First Born".

Enjoy this posting of a Facebook live lunchtime comedic tune I wrote entitled "Lunch Hour". Please be safe and sound as you go about your life and treat each other with love and respect.

Dave Marsh

Please enjoy my new single - "Urban Rain"

UrbanRainV4 (2)

Facebook Live - Lunch Hour


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